8110 W. Union Hills Dr #310 Glendale AZ 85308 US

April 26, 2017

Customer service and quality are top priorities at Home Xpressions, LLC

Walking inside the showroom of Home Xpressions, you’ll find an amazing collection of unique products. Meet the designer/owner Bobbie Isom. See the vast selection of flooring and natural stone accents for your home. Customers can create custom backsplashes, to area rugs. Bobbie Isom just opened the company 3 months ago. She had been working at home interior companies and as an interior designer for many years and decided to use her expertise and knowledge to start her own design and remodeling business where customer service and quality are top priorities.

Bobbie is married with three children and granddaughter. Graduated High school in Arizona and Earned her degree in Interior Design at Las Vegas Interior Design Institute. After she earned her degree her career blossomed. She then went on to study and earn her B-3 contractor remodeling license.

Her dedication to providing superior customer service and advanced product knowledge keeps her business flourishing. When a home-owner comes to Bobbie, she assists them in making informed decisions about what product will work best for their life-style, taste and budget. Her sense of practicality steers customers in the right direction for them, not towards merchandise that will turn the most profit for her. She lets her customer borrow samples of products they are considering so they can get an accurate idea of what the end result will look like. Many people are remodeling existing rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. At Home Xpressions you will find products available for many styles and budgets. You have to see Bobbie’s showroom to truly understand how many choices you have for your home.

Come into Home Xpressions at 8110 W. Union Hills Dr., suite 310 in Glendale. Or you can give Bobbie a call 623-792-7366.